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Image by Laura Ockel


Putting the pieces together...marrying images with metadata to create

a machine-manageable standardized digital asset.

Object creation involves the process of combining images and metadata to create a standardized file format based on an archive specification.  

​NDPS can convert your existing raw scans or image data from legacy systems and migrate your data to different archive specifications.

​We recommend the Open-Standard ResCarta® archive data format. There are a number of reasons we support this format and the work of the ResCarta® Foundation.


With the ResCarta system, Metadata is stored in the popular and easily parsable Library of Congress METS and MODS formatted XML files.  All image data is stored in the widely used lossless TIFF Format.


Each archive file has its checksum value embedded in it.  This allows for the necessary data verification processes to check the integrity of the object data and maintain the collection over time.


Talk to us about the object creation options that might work best for your projects' long-term goals.

XML Metadata

Metadata is stored in the popular, human-readable,

and easily parsable

Library of Congress 


formatted XML files.

Lossless TIFF Archive

All image data is stored in the widely used and sustainable  lossless TIFF Format.

Checksum Files

The checksum for each archive files is stored within it's metadata. This allows for the data verification necessary to maintain your archive over time.

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