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Optical Character Recognition

*some applications allow for OCR results verification processes that allow for manual text corrections.  However, this post-processing of OCR results is dependent on humans has been found to be cost-prohibitive, and is innately error-prone due to the human error factor.

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Optical Character Recognition

A picture or an image may be worth a thousand words, but if you can't find the one your looking for it may be more frustrating than useful.  The use of OCR brings context searchability and takes the usability of your collections to the next level.

OCR is the process of machines identifying the individual letters, fonts, and location of text in an image file. 

There are serval applications to produce OCR output and obviously, some are much better than others.  We have installed and evaluated numerous OCR packages over the years.  Research has proven that you mostly get what you pay for.   

However, none of the OCR applications can achieve 100% accuracy all the time*. Many factors affect OCR outcomes. The biggest factor is input image quality; followed by page content.  We offer options for our clients to choose from based on the content and project objectives.

Our preferred OCR application is the multiple-year, multiple-award-winning AbbyyFine Reader Server.

We would be happy to discuss the specifics of your OCR needs and provide you with more information.

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