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Mapping the path to the proverbial needle in a haystack;    
              the more signs, the shorter and less frustrating your journey will be.

You want your digital collections to be accessible.  Our metadata collection and creation services define clear paths to your collection assets.

You provide us as many or as few metadata elements based on your institutions' resources.  Together, we will develop a specification to facilitate the import and capture of crucial metadata for your newly created assets.  Once assets are created they can be imported into a new or existing content management system. This will ensure the maximum discoverability and permanence of your digital objects. 

Or we can offer well-tested, proven alternative options. NDPS recommends the open-standards ResCarta® data format and continues to support the work of the ResCarta Foundation®.
All collected metadata is stored in a highly portable, open-source, standard Library of Congress METS and MODS formatted XML files as well as in the headers of the archive files themselves.

In addition, we provide a human-readable crosswalk to your digital objects in a tab-delimited text file for quick visual reference.

Below is a sampling of the data elements we can help you integrate into your archive.


Contact us today to see how we can work together to manufacture the best archive possible today.

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