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      Mapping the path to the proverbial needle in a haystack;
                    the more signs, the shorter and less frustrating your journey will be.

      Metadata creation is an area that allows us to utilize your organization's available resources with our data collection services to create highly descriptive metadata.  We have processes that allow you to provide as many or as few data metadata elements based on availability.  We will work with you to ensure the maximum discoverability and permanence of your digital objects.

      We focus on all of the metadata elements that ensure the maximum discoverability of your digital objects., such as:


      Genre, Subjects, Keywords, Title, Volume, Issue, Edition, Publication Date, Author, Publisher

      Preservation and Structural 
      Describes how the components of an object are organized both physically and logically--layout and content of physical text resources through OCR

      Technical information, including file type and how the file was created

      Rights management metadata explains intellectual property rights for access and usage.

      After all of the metadata has been collected, it is stored in a highly portable, open-source, standard Library of Congress METS and MODS formatted XML files as well as in the headers of the archive files.

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